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Yale University graduate Michael Scofield received his MFA in Writing from Vermont College of Fine Arts in 2002. In 2006, Santa Fe’s Sunstone Press published Whirling Backward into the World, a second collection of poems, and Acting Badly, the first novel in his Santa Fe trilogy. Novel #2, Making Crazy, followed in 2009, and Novel #3, Smut Busters, in 2013. Sunstone published Circus Americana, his third poetry collection, in 2014, and Sand and Other Flash Fiction in 2015.

Scofield and his wife, Noreen, are 20-year residents of Santa Fe, having left Palo Alto in 1995 after eight years of writing marketing documents for Silicon Valley high-techs. Scofield now teaches creative writing skills one-on-one, and is assembling his fourth collection of poetry, Second Childhood.

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